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ONE - Rapier Weaving Machine

All high-level requirements for high-quality towels and bathrobes are covered by the exclusive structure and competitive advantages of the GS940F.


Smit, as the leading company in the design and production of dynamic control flexible ribbon weaving machines put on the market the new technical evolution ONE machine built on the GS series, which was previously approved by the world, with its easy operation and high performance.

Weft transfer is carried out by a single rapier and brings many mechanical and electronics improvements in order to provide flexibility, versatility, energy saving, and superior technical solutions.

In terms of weft insertion performance, Smit ONE fulfills the indispensable demands of the market, such as high ability and efficiency, ergonomics in type change, ability to operate all kinds of fabrics, low consumption values.

Today, fashionable clothing and upholstery fabrics, technical fabric applications, the classic fabrics made with excellent yarns and patterns are woven at the ONE with excellent quality and high efficiency.

Smit ONE provides an incredible smoothness in the tension of fibers in fabrics made of mono and multifilament yarns such as fabrics used for safety, fabrics made from glass fibers used in electronics, filter fabrics, sport fabrics.

A weft insertion system based only on a single rapier, and thus without a weft transfer in the center, allows it to operate within a wide range of yarn specifications, with minimal type change time and minimum cost.

Thanks to the Free Flight Ribbon System, which Smit has pioneered for more than 20 years, eliminating ribbon guides, provide the fastest type change time, high textile efficiency and the highest fabric quality in delicate yarns.

Smit, as a company that always takes care of market requirements, continues to develop entrepreneurial and environmentally friendly solutions that support the health and safety of working conditions in line with the goal of sustainable development.

The ONE Smart Platform architecture is a very advantageous weaving machine that takes care of weavers' creativity, reaching different markets and developing the highest fabric quality for each segment.



Mondiale Makina Dis Ticaret, founded in 1995, is a group company of Sarmen Karaca Textile. As Smit's Turkey representative aims to share knowledge and experiences . Our mission is to continue to work in the context of clarity and accuracy principles, Smit's flexible, user-friendly and innovative machines will continue to meet hundreds of customers.

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